About us

Unmanned Vehicle Applied Dynamics (UVAD), a Stratus Company, was founded to create a focused team tasked with the development of new, disruptive capabilities for legacy and emerging unmanned vehicle markets. Our mission is to combine expertise developed in this sector across academia, industry, regulators, and end users to quickly iterate concepts from applied research to field delivery on a global scale.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We develop, build and service a family of UAVs for mission critical applications in defence, aerospace and commercial markets.


Advanced Engineering

UAVs combine software, electronics, structures and control systems to deliver critical information. We have adopted an integrated multidisciplinary approach to modern UAV development.


Untethered Potential

We are continuously reimagining our presence and impact on the world around us. We innovate without bureaucratic boundaries. Our systems and solutions combine technical expertise with an environmental consciousness to deliver innovation without compromise.

Go faster with UVAD

Embark on a fast-paced journey to develop the next generation of UAVs. We are actively recruiting for a number of technical positions in software, mechanical, flight services and more.