The future is unmanned, and we are not a typical UAV company.

What is UVAD?

Unmanned Vehicle Applied Dynamics (UVAD), a Stratus Company, was founded to create a focused team tasked with the development of new, disruptive capabilities for legacy and emerging unmanned vehicle markets. Our mission is to combine expertise developed in this sector across academia, industry, regulators, and end users to quickly iterate concepts from applied research to field delivery on a global scale.

What’s in a name?

Our company blends the worlds of UAV development and service delivery with advanced engineering and research-adjacent capabilities. We needed a name to reflect this vision.

UV - Unmanned Vehicles. The future is unmanned and we have the skills to make it reality. This is our core focus and the foundation of our company. Our vision is to grow our technology into multiple sectors using unmanned vehicles to provide new capabilities and reduce costs for our customers.
AD - Applied Dynamics. We are not a typical UAV company. We have an engineering capability not commonly found in industry. Applied dynamics refers to the governing equations of motion for rigid bodies commonly referred to as dynamics. The term applied emphasizes our commercial focus on delivering real-world results.


Our company isn’t just about making disruptive, new UAVs. We offer advanced engineering services.

Control and Embedded System Development

Flight control and autopilot design. Whole or part system design. We have the skills to design and implement complete systems such as feedback controls for actuation, motor speed, or vehicle flight controls; we can also design and assist with embedded systems such as support equipment, payload integration, and other custom electronics. If you already have an algorithm or design, but need some help realizing it into a working system - or have the system and need the control algorithm, we want to help you achieve your objectives. Our engineering team has experience with airborne (subsonic and supersonic fixed-wing, as well as conventional and multi-rotor rotary-wing), marine, and ground vehicles.

We specialize in control system (linear and nonlinear) design and tuning, data-link protocol design and implementation, and writing software for Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) or bare metal environments. Our experience with control system implementation includes using Matlab/Simulink for design, testing, code generation, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation, as well as direct hand coding. We also have experience working on safety critical software and using relevant ISO, NATO, and RTCA standards (e.g., DO-178, STANAG 4586 and 4703).

Fluid Mechanics Consulting

We can provide expertise in single and multi-phase (slurry) flows, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, wind tunnel testing, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Computational Fluid Dynamics

We provide two service areas:

  1. Running your simulation on our cluster. If you have a CFD simulation but don’t have the computational resources to run it economically in a reasonable amount of time, we can help. We currently support Siemens StarCCM+, however, we can install other packages as required.
  2. Engineering services to help configure the simulation or design your device. We can help with anything from getting a frustrating simulation to converge to working with you to design and analyze a part or product.


Do you want a job that doesn’t feel like work? Are you interested in robotics and unmanned vehicles?

Join the Team

We are building a team who share a passion for innovation. We will be posting open positions as opportunities become available. Send us a message with your resume if are interested.


We want to foster innovation. For us, this means giving employees as much freedom to do their work as possible. Yes, some processes are necessary. Our goal is to keep the process to a minimum and let people solve problems in the most effective way they can. Working at UVAD you can expect to be handed big problems and given a lot of freedom to solve them. We will expect results.